When does Lettuce go Bad (How to tell if Lettuce is Bad )? Signs and Tips

Do you battle to maintain your lettuce contemporary in your fridge? What appears crunchy and just-picked-from-the-farm greens on the grocery store takes solely two days to get all sloggy at dwelling. 

Lettuce is a pleasant summery meals that takes the prime spot in all of your salad preparations. It’s wholesome, hydrating, and filled with Vitamin Ok and A.

However, preserving this vegetable at dwelling for a protracted just isn’t fairly easy. Whether or not you purchase pre-cut lettuce leaves or full heads, they appear to show into sludge rapidly. However are you able to eat them anyway? Find out how to inform if the lettuce is dangerous? Is there a option to retailer it correctly?

Nicely, we’ll information you with some telltale indicators that point out that lettuce has gone dangerous. This text may also share suggestions and tips on storing lettuce correctly for longer. 

Find out how to Inform if Lettuce is Unhealthy

When does Lettuce go Bad

First issues, first! In case you have lettuce mendacity in your fridge, it is best to know learn how to inform if the lettuce is dangerous or good. There are a lot of components to remember whereas figuring out decaying lettuce:

In the event you discover brown or black leaves in a bunch, it is a sign of rot. Likewise, discoloration in leaves signifies that the vegetable just isn’t contemporary anymore. 

Contemporary lettuce sometimes has light-green or yellow leaves. Nevertheless, some varieties like Purple Coral could have vibrant purple leaves when contemporary. These might flip darkish purple or brown when rotten. 

Discoloration of leaves is the primary signal that lettuce has gone dangerous. It might additionally really feel slimy to the touch and emit a foul odor. 

In the event you discover brown spots on some leaves and the remaining seem wholesome, you possibly can nonetheless eat them. These brown spots usually are not dangerous if eaten.

When does Lettuce go Bad

Whether it is emitting a powerful, rancid odor, then it is a sign that the lettuce has gone dangerous and must be thrown. Contemporary vegetable normally has no odor. Lettuce emitting a pungent odor can be rotten. 

It’s fairly simple to detect rotten lettuce from its dangerous odor. Nevertheless, you may additionally discover discolored and slimy leaves together with a foul odor.

Getting older lettuce won’t have agency or crisp leaves. As an alternative, the leaves will seem droopy, smooth, and wrinkled. Getting older lettuce might not have rotten but, however the wilting leaves point out it isn’t contemporary anymore and nearly spoiling. 

Earlier than turning brown, its leaves will first wilt. You may both use it instantly or discard it. However, in the event you retailer it for a day extra, it might rot. 

Wilted lettuce is suitable for eating. Nevertheless, to revive among the misplaced crispiness, you possibly can soak it in ice water for half an hour.

If the leaves are moist or have a sticky or slippery substance on them, it signifies the decaying course of. You will see that moisture on the leaves, and the feel could also be slimy.

Moist leaves are nonetheless suitable for eating, however they could not style scrumptious. 

  • Swollen or Puffy Baggage of Lettuce

In case you have saved lettuce leaves in baggage that seem swollen or puffy, it signifies that the lettuce is rotting inside. It’s because the moisture escaping the leaves will decide on the bag’s insides, and the bag will likely be moist while you open. 

The moisture contained in the bag creates the right breeding floor for micro organism and mildew. Subsequently, it is best to discard the lettuce instantly and never eat it, even when it doesn’t odor dangerous.

If all appears advantageous, style the lettuce in case you are uncertain. If it tastes dangerous, then the lettuce has gone dangerous. It’s possible you’ll get a nasty and rancid style and would possibly wish to spit it out. 

Don’t eat the lettuce if it tastes bitter. Throw it away without delay.

The above are some telltale indicators that lettuce is dangerous.

Find out how to Retailer Lettuce Correctly?

Contemporary lettuce, when saved correctly, normally stays put for 7 to 10 days within the fridge. Nevertheless, in the event you usually battle to retailer your lettuce correctly, listed below are some tips about enhancing the lifespan of your lettuce leaves.

  • Retailer lettuce within the fridge preserving the heads intact

You would possibly wish to chop off the heads of lettuce whereas storing them within the fridge. However, preserving the complete heads intact ensures longer life than storing particular person leaves.

This fashion of storage is kind of simple as you don’t have to do something. Simply go away the lettuce intact and place them in a dry spot in your fridge. It is possible for you to to retailer your leaves for ten days this fashion.

Place the leaves in a vegetable crisper or vegetable drawer to make sure freshness. 

An alternative choice is to wrap the leaves in a paper towel to soak up any moisture.

Additionally, preserve lettuce away from bananas and tomatoes, as these fruits produce ethylene that may injury the leaves.

  • Retailer free leaves in a paper-lined plastic container

A good way to retailer lettuce within the fridge is to put 2 to three layers of paper towels inside a plastic container and retailer the leaves in-between the paper towels. 

The paper will soak up damaging moisture and guarantee freshness for a protracted. Seal the plastic container with a lid to maintain the moisture and fuel from damaging the leaves.

This selection is best for pre-cut leaves. In the event you do not need a plastic container, you possibly can retailer it this fashion in a plastic bag lined with a paper towel. 

  • Storing within the Fridge Correctly

Be certain that you retailer your lettuce in a dry spot within the fridge away from ethylene-producing fruits equivalent to tomatoes and bananas. 

Additionally, don’t retailer lettuce behind the fridge because the chilly from the freezer can injury the leaves. 

It’s possible you’ll place your lettuce within the freezer as effectively. Though it won’t stay crisp, it might nonetheless be consumed for cooking.

  • Exchange Paper Towels Each day

When you have got saved lettuce leaves in a plastic container or plastic bag lined with paper towels, you’ll have to exchange the paper towels day by day. It’s because the moisture emanating from the leaves will likely be damp, and damp paper won’t preserve the lettuce contemporary. This may assist to maintain your lettuce more energizing for longer.

  • Dry the leaves fully earlier than storing them within the fridge

In case you have leftover lettuce leaves, they must be free from moisture earlier than inserting them within the fridge once more. 

In case you have a salad spinner, place the leaves within the spinner till they’re dehydrated and retailer them within the fridge.


So, this was all about lettuce storage and learn how to inform if it has gone dangerous. Maintain these factors in thoughts to know whether or not you possibly can devour the lettuce mendacity in your fridge or not. The following tips will aid you forestall wastage and eat contemporary.

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