What Does Until Set Mean In Baking

The common phrase “bake until just set” tends to refer to different things depending on the baked good, but you’ll see it applied the same way for brownies, cookies, cheesecakes and custards.

For cookies, you need to bake until the edges are just slightly firm and it no longer looks wet. When you touch it by gently, the dough shouldn’t feel like raw cookie dough. Chewy, fudge- and chocolate-type cookies get a long thin ribbon of browning around their edges as they bake. A finished cookie that is overbaked & browned will not have the butter give up its rich flavor & moisture or bemoan being in direct contact with the heat.

For cheesecakes and custards, it can be difficult to determine when something is “just set.” However, the goal of this activity is to get a consistent texture and that takes time and practice. The batter should move easily over the bottom and sides of the pan. It will not be abundant just in one area, so you can see how to cook it accordingly by trying to jiggle the pan a little. If you’ve ever made jello and seen that it sets up more quickly at the edges than in the center, use this as a reference for cheesecake and custard recipes because that is exactly how they set up – from outside to center. As long as the center still looks relatively firm, you can rest a cake container onto the pan to move it out and in one smooth movement put a cake slicer right on top which will give you nice perfect slices.

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