Best Way To Store Pepper In Freezer

Would you want to increase the shelf lifetime of your contemporary peppers? Then, you want a superb technique on how one can retailer peppers correctly. The proper storage of peppers may can help you use them for as much as a number of weeks with none trace of dropping their pungent taste.

Storing peppers is essential to me as a result of I really like to make use of peppers in nearly all of my dishes. Since I really like spicy meals, having available peppers in my fridge is an enormous necessity.

That is why I made a decision to do a little analysis on how one can retailer a big batch of them in my fridge. When you’re curious, discover out about them by studying beneath.

How To Retailer Peppers In The Freezer And Vegetable Compartment

What You may Must Retailer Peppers

Store Peppers

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Peppers purchase their sizzling taste from a chemical substance generally known as capsaicin. The most well liked pepper is the habanero, adopted by the Thai, cayenne, serrano, Jalapeno, poblano, cherry, and bell. The yellow bell has the sweetest and mildest taste.

It’s possible you’ll use any amount of contemporary peppers you need. You may additionally use any kind of pepper you want, like jalapenos, habaneros, and bell peppers. Simply just be sure you use nothing however the freshest ones.

If you wish to forestall your self from getting any chili burns, then utilizing a pair of rubber gloves could be important. That is particularly wanted if you’ll be dealing with some actually sizzling peppers like habaneros and jalapenos.

Gadgets Wanted for Choice 1: Freezing Pepper


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  • Olive oil (non-obligatory ingredient)

Though I do not use this in my freeze-storing course of, it’s possible you’ll use olive oil to stop the peppers from sticking collectively.

You should use this ingredient to coat the peppers after they’re minimize into desired items. Nonetheless, it’s possible you’ll omit this ingredient in the event you dry out the peppers successfully.

To make the washing of peppers simple, a colander could be wanted. It’s possible you’ll use a steel or plastic colander. Simply make it possible for the dimensions is sufficient to include all of the peppers that you’ll be washing.

You should use any kind of kitchen knife. Simply make it possible for it is clear while you use it. An excellent knife ought to be sharp and straightforward to deal with. You possibly can take a look at how to decide on the very best utility knife at here.

  • Thick plastic baggage and vacuum meals sealer

The thick plastic baggage will likely be used to include your peppers within the freezer whereas the vacuum meals sealer will take away the air that will trigger freezer burn.

The principle reason behind freezer burn is within the air that reaches your meals. Due to this fact, sucking the air out will maintain the peppers contemporary longer.

If in case you have no vacuum food sealers and thick plastic baggage at dwelling, then it’s possible you’ll use any of those different containers.

  • Freezer-safe glass containers

Not my favourite, however you need to use a glass container to retailer your peppers within the freezer. Simply just be sure you seal the lid tightly in order that the air is not going to spoil your peppers.

Nonetheless, the ice may make it tough to open the lid or worse but, they may break extra break simply in the event you’re not further cautious since glass tends to weake when frozen.

Aluminum foils can also function containers in your peppers within the freezer. Nonetheless, utilizing this alone won’t suffice. It’s essential to reinforce its energy by placing one other layer of plastic bag.

Ziploc bags are sealable plastic baggage that may maintain your meals contemporary within the freezer for a very long time. They’ve a zipper that you need to use to seal the entire bag.

I personally advocate this container different as a result of they’ll seal the air out and might forestall the onset of freezer burns.

Gadgets Wanted for Choice 2: Refrigerating Pepper


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It’s possible you’ll use paper baggage to include the peppers while you refrigerate them within the vegetable compartment. They will maintain the peppers contemporary longer as in comparison with utilizing plastic baggage.

It is because the moisture will not accumulate in a paper bag as in comparison with plastic baggage. If in case you have no paper baggage at dwelling, it’s possible you’ll use paper towels to wrap the peppers in as a substitute.

Step-by- Step Directions on Methods to Retailer Peppers


Choice 1: Freezing Peppers

When you wish to maintain the flavour and texture of your peppers intact, then freezing could also be your greatest guess in storing your peppers for longer use.

1. Get your contemporary peppers

If you’d like the very best style of your peppers, choose the freshest ones as a lot as attainable. You possibly can inform that the peppers are contemporary if they’ve shiny and unblemished skins. They are going to be agency to the contact as effectively.

2. Wash the Peppers

Wash every pepper fastidiously in chilly or lukewarm water. Run the peppers gently to take away any traces of filth. Use gloves while you do that as a result of they’re recognized to trigger chili burns, particularly habaneros and jalapenos.

Do not contact any a part of your physique with the gloves as a result of they’ll additionally trigger the identical extreme case of chili burns. Use a colander to empty the water out simply.

3. Slice or depart peppers complete


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When you wish to slice the peppers into small sizes, then it’s possible you’ll start. Use a clear knife and a clear slicing floor. Slicing the peppers could also be a lot most popular in the event you’re coping with massive bell peppers.

You possibly can take away the stems and minimize the peppers into small items. You may additionally do Julienne cuts. When you just like the hotness of your peppers to be stored to the minimal, you may additionally take away the seeds at this level.

Nonetheless, in the event you wish to maintain the hotness of your peppers, it’s possible you’ll depart them complete. I personally depart my jalapenos and habaneros complete on this step.

4. Dry the peppers

After washing, put all of the peppers on a paper towel. The air will naturally dry them completely. Await a few hours till you discover that they are completely dry.

One other technique you may strive is by drying the peppers with a needle. It’s possible you’ll string the entire peppers collectively. Simply put the needle on the base of every stem. Dangle them in a effectively ventilated place.

5. Seal the peppers within the bag

I like to recommend utilizing a vacuum meals sealer to seal the peppers correctly in a thick plastic bag. I feel it’s the simplest solution to forestall freezer burns and over-drying because the air is faraway from the bag.

Nonetheless, you may additionally use Ziploc baggage, however getting the air out could be a bit tough. For many who need to use Ziploc baggage, it’s possible you’ll remove the air out from the bag with a soda straw , simply seal the Ziploc bag and insert the straw on the high. Suck the air out, take away the straw, and seal the bag utterly.

6. Put them within the freezer

Put the bag of peppers into the freezer. You possibly can freeze them for a month or much more. To be precise, peppers can final to as far 9 months in a Ziploc bag and 14 months in a vacuum sealed bag. Something past that can have already got poor style.

Choice 2: Refrigerating Peppers


If you wish to use some contemporary peppers in your dishes, the closest factor you are able to do to freezing is refrigerate them in your vegetable compartment.

1. Get your peppers

You possibly can refrigerate your peppers for contemporary use. Among the many varieties of peppers which you could refrigerate embrace jalapenos and bell peppers.

By no means select these previous and smooth peppers as a result of they point out a scarcity of freshness. As a lot as attainable, select these with good colours and agency skins with none indicators of decay.

2. Wrap the peppers

It’s possible you’ll wrap the unwashed peppers with a paper towel or paper bag. By no means use a plastic bag as a result of it could suffocate the peppers inside ensuing to undesirable moisture. As you already know, moisture causes the peppers to rot.

3. Put the peppers within the vegetable compartment

Hold the wrapped peppers inside your fridge’s vegetable compartment for a couple of week. Normally, crimson and yellow bell peppers last as long as 5 days. Due to this fact, it’s essential to devour the peppers straight away in the event you do not need to lose their freshness.

Some Extra Professional Ideas


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  • Use a melon baller or the tip of a spoon to take away seeds

The College of Nebraska-Lincoln suggests the usage of a melon baller or the tip of a spoon to remove the seeds of peppers. It’s possible you’ll do that in the course of the third step of freezing peppers.

It’s possible you’ll take away the seeds of peppers earlier than you chop them into tiny items or skinny strips. This course of also can assist subdue the hotness of some peppers.

  • Put one other layer of quart baggage to a gallon freezer-safe bag

The Mother Earth News recommends placing extra quart baggage to a one-gallon bag. This system can improve the bag to turn into extra freezer-safe.

It could actually additionally help make the storage handy. As you pull out a half-filled quart bag from the freezer, it’s possible you’ll add some extra pepper slices inside.

In accordance with The Chili King, it could be greatest in the event you label the freezer bag with the date you froze them. This manner, you may maintain monitor on when they are going to expire.

When you’re storing quite a lot of peppers in a number of baggage, it could be extra handy to label the identify of the peppers contained in the freezer bag. By this technique, you may simply discover the sort of peppers that you really want in your recipes.


It’s possible you’ll select to refrigerate your peppers for contemporary use weekly, or you may additionally freeze them to protect their style longer as much as 14 months. No matter your alternative is, all of it relies on your desire.

Did you’ve got enjoyable studying on how one can retailer peppers correctly? I absolutely did, and I discover this listing crucial as a result of I at all times need peppers to be always obtainable in my fridge.

Share your ideas and solutions within the feedback part beneath. You may additionally assist a pal who wants this info by sharing this publish.

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