How To Quickly Steam Fresh Potatoes In 15 Minutes

Potatoes are an affordable, nutrient-rich and considerable meals that may be cooked in many alternative methods. One among my favourite methods to eat them is by steaming as a result of they preserve most of their vitamins and are rapidly able to eat.

Are you on the lookout for some wholesome facet dish choices that prepare dinner up rapidly and don’t require very many elements? Have you ever been trying to trim your grocery finances and focus extra on complete meals?

I puzzled methods to steam potatoes with out having a whole lot of tools or time to take action as a result of meal instances are busy at my home. I did some analysis on the best and quickest methods to make steamed potatoes.

Learn what I discovered in an effort to get pleasure from steamed potatoes as a wholesome and filling facet dish to your subsequent lunch or dinner.

How To Shortly Steam Recent Potatoes In 15 Minutes

Objects Wanted to Steam Potatoes

  • Pot of water
  • Steamer insert
  • Fork
  • Potatoes
  • Pot of water
  • Steamer Insert
  • Fork
  • Potatoes


To steam potatoes, you have to a 4-quart pot fabricated from forged iron, chrome steel, enamel, ceramic or the fabric of your selection. The pot should include a lid to carry within the steam.

A non-stick coating just isn’t mandatory as a result of you’ll solely be utilizing the pot to boil water. You will have to fill the pot with about 2 quarts of water.

In case your pot doesn’t have a canopy on its deal with, put on an oven mitt in order that you don’t burn your arms because the pot heats.

Step-by-step Directions for Steaming Potatoes

  1. Clear the potatoes
  2. ​Minimize the potatoes
  3. ​Fill the pot with water
  4. Boil the water
  5. Prepare the potatoes within the steamer insert
  6. Steam the potatoes
  7. Verify if the potatoes are performed cooking
  8. Take away the potatoes from the steamer

1. Clear The Potatoes

To wash the potatoes, run them underneath faucet water to take away dust and any pesticides left on the vegetable.

You should use a vegetable brush if there may be dust caught onto the floor of the potatoes. It isn’t mandatory to make use of any particular rinses or every other merchandise to wash the potatoes.

2. ​Minimize the potatoes

If the potatoes are bigger than 2 inches in diameter, you have to to chop them in order that they’re no greater than 1 inch in thickness.

For smaller potatoes, you may lower them in half or in quarters. For bigger potatoes, you might want to chop them into many cubes.

Use a knife of your selection, a utility knife, for chopping the potatoes. Whereas chopping, take away any brown spots or eyes. It isn’t essential to take away the peel from the potatoes, however you may if you wish to.

For those who select to peel the potatoes and you don’t want to spend a very long time doing so, you may think about using this technique. It’s a little messy, nevertheless it solely takes about one minute. You’ll be able to add the peels to your compost bin.

3. Fill the pot with water

Fill your giant pot about midway with faucet water. For a 4-quart pot, that is about 8 cups of water.

It isn’t essential to measure the quantity of water exactly since you are solely heating the water so as to generate the steam that may prepare dinner the potatoes.

You do not need to make use of bottled or distilled water as a result of the water won’t really contact the potatoes.

4. Boil the water

Activate the burner that may accommodate the dimensions of your pot and switch the warmth as much as medium excessive.

Place the pot onto the burner and await the water to boil. The water ought to obtain a rolling boil that generates steam.

For those who choose, you may activate the exhaust fan above your range high in order that your kitchen doesn’t get too steamy.

5. Prepare the potatoes within the steamer insert


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Place the potatoes in a single layer in your steamer insert. It’s okay to have the items of potatoes touching one another.

There ought to solely be one layer of potatoes in order that the steam can attain the entire items evenly.

If you have to prepare dinner many potatoes, you might must separate them into batches so that there’s only a single layer of potatoes within the steamer insert for every batch.

Place the insert onto the pot of boiling water and put the pot’s lid on high of the steamer insert. This retains the steam inside in order that the potatoes can prepare dinner.

6. Steam the potatoes

In case you are steaming cubed potatoes which are about 1 inch in dimension, the steaming course of will take about quarter-hour.

In case you are steaming potatoes which have been sliced into halves or quarters, the steaming course of will take about 20 to 25 minutes.

Keep away from taking the lid off the steamer through the steaming course of as a result of this may prolong the cooking time.

7. Verify if the potatoes are performed cooking


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To see if the potatoes are performed cooking, carry the lid off the steamer insert. Use your fork and push it by way of one of many items of potato.

The tines of the fork ought to simply slide during the middle of the potato. For those who really feel resistance or the fork will get caught, which means that the potatoes aren’t but totally cooked and wish a number of extra minutes of steaming time.

For those who plan to mash the potatoes, you might wish to prepare dinner them longer for a softer consistency. For those who plan to make a chilly dish comparable to potato salad, prepare dinner them simply sufficient to be totally performed however nonetheless agency.

8. Take away the potatoes from the steamer

As soon as the potatoes are totally cooked, flip off the burner. Take away the lid from the pot and carry up the steamer insert with two arms. You might must put on oven mitts to guard your arms from the warmth.

I like this pair as a result of the steam doesn’t penetrate by way of the silicone, and the separate fingers present loads of dexterity for choosing issues up. Now you can eat the potatoes or mash them.

In case you are utilizing the steamed potatoes as an ingredient in a chilly facet dish comparable to potato salad, put the potatoes right into a container and refrigerate them earlier than including them to the facet dish.

Professional Ideas for Steaming Potatoes


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  • Use a paring knife
  • Choose potatoes small in dimension
  • Soak potatoes first in chilly water

Use a paring knife

To be able to correctly peel potatoes, Martha Stewart suggests that you just use a paring knife. A paring knife is a small knife that has a brief and durable blade designed to be used on greens.

The small blade is simple to regulate in an effort to maintain the potato in a single hand and use the opposite hand to make lengthy, constant strokes with the blade.

The paring knife may also take away any eye spots which are on the floor of the potato. The tip of the knife is sharp sufficient to dig out the attention’s root.

Choose potatoes small in dimension

When selecting potatoes to steam, Chef Rick suggests choosing potatoes which are small in dimension. The potatoes ought to be freed from blemishes.

If potential, select potatoes which are uniform in form or not less than do not need any unusually formed projections or lumps that will be tough to peel.

For those who can, select potatoes that don’t but have any eyes rising on them. Potatoes with eyes have in all probability been sitting round in a storage space for a very long time and won’t be as contemporary as potatoes with out eyes.

Soak potatoes first in chilly water

If you would like the pores and skin to remain in your potatoes all through the cooking course of, Chef Gordon Ramsay suggests that you just soak them first in chilly water.

The pores and skin is probably the most nutritious a part of the potato and consists of many nutritional vitamins and fiber.

By maintaining the peel hooked up to the potato all through the cooking course of, it’s going to even be simpler to serve the steamed potatoes. When the pores and skin stays on, the potatoes will look extra engaging in your facet dish.

Additionally, you will not have to fret about free skins clogging up the perforations in your steamer whereas cooking.


Did you get pleasure from this tutorial on methods to steam potatoes? I wish to make steamed potatoes in order that I can have a simple lunch or dinner on a busy day.

This fashion of cooking potatoes is easy, quick and wholesome, and you should use your favourite kind of potato.

If you don’t but have a steamer insert to your 4-quart cooking pot, do not forget that this is a great option and can be utilized to steam different greens as properly.

Having a pair of these silicone oven mitts readily available will assist to guard your arms.

Have every other ideas? Put up your feedback under and share this put up if you happen to favored it! If you would like to know methods to retailer potatoes, you may learn extra at How long are potatoes good for.

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