How to Soften Pita Bread? Tips and Recipe

The spherical flat wheat flour bread referred to as pita is a staple Center Japanese and Mediterranean meals. Native folks have been consuming this widespread meals for greater than 4000 years within the talked about areas, which have develop into widespread globally. Individuals eat this versatile meals with dips like hummus and make sandwiches and wraps. However the actual style of pita bread will be loved when it’s served sizzling and comfortable. Nevertheless, we all know that getting freshly baked pita bread proper out of the oven isn’t at all times possible. So, it’s factor to know find out how to soften saved pita bread. 

You typically purchase pita bread from the shop, otherwise you may need some leftovers. Sadly, storing these slices of bread within the fridge will make them dry and arduous, taking away their precise style.

However you don’t should throw away the leftover pita bread as there are methods to make it softer once more. Be sure to maintain studying to learn the way. 

Pita bread: A Backstory 

How to soften pita bread

Pita bread, as mentioned above, is an authentic Center japanese dish that was invented roughly 4000 years in the past. The oldest pita bread was made utilizing solely flour and water. The dough was then left to soak up the yeast current within the environment, and the dough would rise progressively. 

Afterward, folks began including yeast whereas making the dough rise rapidly. These spherical loaves of bread have been then cooked in out of doors ovens. Nevertheless, the trendy recipe has gone via some modifications, with totally different elements being added to the dough. 

Methods to Soften Pita Bread: 4 Tried-And-Examined Strategies 

You’ve simply purchased the pita bread to take pleasure in along with your hummus, however now it has develop into dry and chewy as you open the packet. This occurs as a result of pita bread’s skinny and ethereal texture leads the moisture to flee rapidly. 

Pita bread is loved greatest when it’s moist and barely heat. In case your pita bread has dried down, don’t fear. You possibly can deliver them again to their comfortable texture with a couple of easy tips. Let’s take a look at these tricks- 

Technique 1: Softening pita bread with Ziploc luggage

Place the dry pita bread right into a Ziploc plastic bag and a few bread slices with it. Go away the packet in a single day, and the pita will soak up the moisture of the white bread items. After all, you would possibly want extra bread, relying on how dry your pita bread slices are. 

Technique 2: Softening With a Moist Towel

Utilizing a moist kitchen towel may also work on dry pita bread. First, you should moisten the towel however watch out to not make it soggy. Then damp the towel utilizing sizzling water and wring out extra water. Lastly, the kitchen towel must be mildly moist. 

Then wrap the dry pit bread within the moist towel and place it on a microwave-safe plate. Put the dish within the microwave and warmth it for ten seconds. You may also set the pita bread in an oven and warmth it to 200 levels F for about ten minutes. 

In the event you warmth the pita bread for fast consumption, go for the oven reheating methodology. Whereas heating the pita bread into an oven or microwave, ensure that it doesn’t get crispy. The intent is to make them comfortable and tender, similar to the freshly baked ones.

Technique 3: Softening on a Skillet

You need to use a skillet to melt the pita bread on this methodology. All you should do right here is, put the skillet on medium warmth and place the pita bread on it. Then, sprinkle some water round and canopy it with a lid. 

Warmth the pita bread for 20 to 30 seconds with a closed lid on all sides and an open flame for ten seconds. Utilizing a skillet is likely one of the best methods, and it offers incredible outcomes too. 

You possibly can grease the skillet with some olive oil, however that’s elective. Whereas sprinkling water, be sure to don’t add an excessive amount of; in any other case, the bread would develop into soggy. 

Technique 4: Softening on the Open Flame 

You’ll instantly put the pita bread on an open flame on this methodology. Select a barely smaller hob in your range and switch it on medium to low warmth. Put the pita bread on the flame and hold altering the perimeters in order that it doesn’t burn. If you see the bread is overvalued a bit, it’s a signal that it’s prepared. 

Comply with These Easy Strategies to Retailer Pita Bread 

How to soften pita bread

Speeding to the grocery retailer each time you wish to have pita bread isn’t doable. Due to this fact, protecting some in your house freezer will rapidly fulfill your pita bread cravings. Take a look at these storing methods to maintain the bread nicely preserved. 

Put the pita bread in an hermetic bag and squeeze all of the air out. You may also use a foil wrap or plastic bag to retailer the pita bread however ensure that it’s hermetic. The bread will keep in good situation for 3 days on this storing approach. 

Pita bread’s gentle and skinny texture make it susceptible to drying out rapidly. Due to this fact to make sure it stays moist, you should take away as a lot air as doable from the encircling. 

If you wish to retailer the pita bread for an extended period, you possibly can freeze it. Freezing the bread could be very straightforward and solely wants a couple of minutes’ preparations. 

You have to put an exterior layer of foil over the bread packet for additional safety and put a bit of parchment paper between every pita to keep away from sticking them collectively. This fashion, you possibly can retailer it for as much as six months. 

Pita Bread Recipe 

Here’s a recipe for pita bread that’s straightforward and fast to make. The elements wanted are additionally available and would possibly already be sitting in your house kitchen. So, let’s take a look…

How to soften pita bread


  • 2 tsp energetic dry yeast
  • ½ tsp sugar 
  • 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour and 1 ½ cups entire wheat flour 
  • 2 tsp salt 
  • Water 
  • 2 tbsp additional virgin olive oil 

Cooking process 

  1. Take a big mixing bowl. 
  2. Combine one cup of lukewarm water, yeast, and sugar. Stir till the sugar and yeast dissolve. 
  3. Now add ½ cup flour and blend all the things. 
  4. The dough ought to appear like a free sponge. 
  5. Put aside the dough for fifteen minutes, after which it’s going to double in dimension. 
  6. After fifteen minutes, add the salt, olive oil, and the remaining flour into the spongy dough. Preserve apart ½ cup of dough for dusting. 
  7. The combination ought to flip sticky, and there must be no gluten growth at this level. 
  8. Mud somewhat flour and knead the dough additional within the bowl itself. 
  9. Now once more, mud some flour on a plain floor and knead the dough till it turns easy. 
  10. Preserve apart for ten minutes and knead once more for a few minutes. The dough must be moist, however you possibly can modify it with some flour if it’s too gooey. Be sure with flour dusting because the dough mustn’t get dry. 
  11. Now take one other clear bowl and coat it with additional virgin olive oil, and put the dough in it. Make it possible for the dough is coated with olive oil from all sides. 
  12. Cowl the bowl tightly with plastic wrap and put a kitchen towel over it. Preserve the bowl in a hotter place and let it relaxation until the dough doubles its dimension. 
  13. Now take the dough out, put it on a plain floor and reduce it into seven to eight items. 
  14. Once more cowl the person items with a towel, go away apart for round ten minutes. 
  15. Now take a rolling pin dusted with flour. Roll the items one after the other. The bread must be a quarter-inch thick and eight to 9 inches broad. Whereas rolling, if the dough begins to spring again, hold it apart for a couple of additional minutes and once more repeat the process. 
  16. Warmth the oven to 475° F and take a heavy-duty baking tray. Take one pita bread, put it into the oven, and bake for 2 minutes on all sides. 
  17. When the bread puffs nicely, it’s a signal that it’s cooked properly. 
  18. If you’re cooking the pita on the stovetop, take an iron skillet and warmth it on medium flame. 
  19. Drizzle some tiny drops of olive oil and lay a pita bread on the skillet 
  20. Cook dinner for one to 2 minutes on all sides till small bubbles kind. 
  21. When the pita puffs up, your pita bread is prepared. 

Observe: You possibly can put together the dough prematurely, and it doubles its dimension; you possibly can hold it within the fridge until you employ it. Additionally, you possibly can bake the pitas in batches and never essentially have to make use of all of the dough without delay. Lastly, you possibly can retailer the dough for as much as one week. 

Ultimate Traces 

Hopefully, you realized some new methods of softening pita bread. Consuming chilly, dry pitas isn’t any enjoyable therefore don’t compromise on the style. As a substitute, use these talked about above softening or reheating methods to have comfortable as freshly baked pita bread.

Additionally, don’t neglect to strive the recipe if you wish to have home-baked pita bread. 

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