How to Soften Caramel? Tested Tips and Recipe

Caramel is a candy brownish liquid made utilizing sugar, water, and dextrose. Caramel shade can differ from gentle brown to a darker shade, relying on the sugar you might have used. The thick textured syrup is a vital ingredient in lots of desserts, ice-creams, truffles, puddings, and sweets. As well as, many individuals wish to make caramel sauce at residence to make use of it as a dressing for his or her candy dishes. Nonetheless, one widespread downside folks face is the best way to soften exhausting caramel

However there are methods you may soften the rock-hard caramel and revive its precise texture. When you’ve got confronted the issue of exhausting caramel and have ended up throwing them within the trash, listed here are some high ideas for you. Hold studying until the top to study the strategies and observe down the right caramel recipe we have now shared. 

How Did Caramel Get In style?

The historical past of caramel is a bit mysterious. Based on some Arabs, they found caramel round 1000 A.D. The caramel Arabs made had been crunchy and crystallized. They ready the candy with boiling water and sugar. 

Folks in America began making caramel round 1650. They achieved the gentle gooey texture by including milk and fats within the authentic recipe. Since then, the recipe has undergone modifications, and caramel is now obtainable in numerous types and textures. 

Caramel syrup or caramel sauce is a well-liked ingredient utilized in varied candy dishes. One of many issues folks face is that it tends to get rock exhausting in a short time. However don’t fear, you don’t should remake the sauce. There are methods you may soften exhausting caramel, and we are going to let you know how within the following sections. 

Soften Caramel: Tried and Examined Ideas

How to Soften Caramel

Moisture determines the feel of caramel. When the moisture is evaporated within the cooking process, it turns into more durable and will get crystallized because it cools down utterly. So what do you do when your caramel reaches this stage? Listed here are the options:

  • Softening Caramel That Is Too Laborious 

Technique 1: Microwave the caramel 

Utilizing the microwave, you may deliver the unique caramel texture again inside minutes; right here is how you are able to do it- 

  1. Take the caramel in a coated container and place it contained in the microwave. 
  2. Add round two tablespoons of milk to it. 
  3. Now go away the container on excessive warmth for about 30 to 40 seconds.
  4. The caramel ought to be softened by now. If not, repeat the method. 

Technique 2: Use a Range

Steps you need to observe whereas softening the caramel on the stove-

  1. Take the exhausting caramel on a sluggish cooker 
  2. Prepare dinner it for one hour on excessive flame or 6 hours on medium warmth. 
  3. Then enable it to chill down earlier than transferring the caramel right into a container. 
  • Softening Crystallized Caramel 

Softening the crystallized caramel is just too difficult. As soon as they flip into the glassy chunk, there are only a few probabilities of returning them to their authentic texture. We have now discovered only a few strategies of reviving the caramel again into the creamy, clean texture you might have looked for. Right here is how they work- 

You’ll have to add extra liquids like milk or cream into the crystallized sugar. Whereas including the milk or cream, just remember to are whisking it repeatedly until it turns into clean. For those who cease whisking earlier than reaching the specified consistency, the caramel will crystallize once more inside minutes. 

Crystallized caramel can be softened in a microwave. All you’ve to do is microwave the caramel right into a glass bowl till it will get clean. However watch out to not warmth it for too lengthy as overheating can burn the caramel. 

  • Keep away from Crystallization Whereas Making the Caramel? 

Reaching the right consistency with caramel could be a little difficult, particularly if you’re a beginner in making it. However following a number of cautious measures, you may stop the caramel from turning into exhausting rock. Need to know the way? Take a look at these steps- 

  1. Warmth the sugar on low warmth and keep away from stirring till the sugar utterly dissolves. When the sugar dissolves, give it a light stir and produce it to a boil. Don’t stir the syrup after boiling. 
  2. You possibly can add a bit apple vinegar or lemon juice into the sugar syrup. 
  3. You have to fastidiously observe and sometimes stir to cease the caramel from turning exhausting. 

Retailer Caramel? 

If you wish to make the caramel sauce or caramel sweet in massive portions and protect it for later use, you are able to do that. Your caramel will keep in excellent situation and retain its creamy, gooey texture following the correct storing process. 

You possibly can retailer caramel sauce at room temperature for as much as three days. Then, when the caramel cools down, switch it into an hermetic container and ensure it’s utterly sealed.  

For extended storage, you may maintain the caramel sauce within the freezer. It would keep in its finest situation for as much as three months. The storing process is similar. Switch the caramel into an hermetic container and maintain it within the freezer. 

However storing the caramel within the freezer will make them exhausting, so that you both warmth it earlier than utilizing or go away the container at room temperature hours earlier than utilizing. 

You can even retailer home made caramel sweet. To take action, you need to wrap the candies individually in butter paper and place them in an hermetic container. Now you may maintain them within the fridge for as much as a yr. 

Caramel candies will be saved at room temperature as nicely. Simply guarantee that they don’t are available in contact with direct daylight. 

Caramel Recipe 

How to Soften Caramel

Let’s wind up this information with an authentic caramel recipe. Getting the substances, cooking flame, and cooking process proper could make or break a deal. That’s why we considered sharing an genuine caramel recipe with you. Right here is the best way to take advantage of scrumptious creamy caramel- 


  • 250 gms of powdered sugar 
  • 90 gms butter (room temperature)
  • 80 ml contemporary heavy cream (room temperature)
  • One vanilla pod

Cooking Process

  1. Take a pan, pour the cream into it and begin heating. 
  2. Break up the vanilla into half and scrape the vanilla. Put each the scrapped vanilla and the pod into the cream and go away till the cream involves a boil. 
  3. The cream will get infused with vanilla flavors. After the cream is boiled, take away the pod from it. 
  4. Now take a deep backside pan, put the sugar in it, and stir solely at intervals. 
  5. When the sugar utterly melts and turns darkish brown, change off the fuel. 
  6. Now pour the cream into the melted sugar and provides it a pleasant stir till each the cream and sugar combine nicely. 
  7. Now once more, boil the combination till it reaches 120°. 
  8. At this stage, add the butter and blend nicely. 
  9. Pour the combination into parchment paper and let it relaxation for at the least 3 hours. 
  10. Now you may lower them into small cubes and luxuriate in!

Closing Traces on Soften Caramel

Caramel is a flexible candy that may be eaten as it’s or used to boost the style of different dishes. However caramel is loved finest when its texture is true. Sadly, no one will get pleasure from chewing on rock-hard sugary crystals; therefore you need to be aware about a number of issues whereas making it. 

However even when it will get exhausting, there are methods you may soften the exhausting caramel utilizing the procedures we have now talked about above. Hopefully, they rescue your exhausting caramel, and also you don’t should throw it into the trash. 

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