How To Replace Knob And Tube Wiring With Romex

Wiring method is a little tricky, but you should know how to replace knob and tube wiring with romex.

The wiring system of old houses is often difficult to manage – you need to be efficient while making it work.

There are some professionals who can do this wiring like a pro, even if you’re not too good at doing it yourself. For more info and to hire one of these pros, you should check out the directories.

The wires in the basement area are mostly visible and can be found hanging from the ceiling. The rubber coated wires are mainly affixed to the wood and are covered by porcelain knobs.


It can be difficult to install proper wiring in old houses, but you can now do so safely.

In a heating system, the top wire, which is hot, has to be a thicker wire than another bottom wire, which is neutral. This separation allows the heat to pass through and warm up your room/ home.

Romex cable is most commonly used in residential buildings. It is a non-metallic sheathed cable that features flame and moisture resistant coating.

The Complete Rewiring Method

This project requires tools such as a tape measure and code-complaint wiring tools.

You’ll have to remove the old panel and replace it with a new one, wired correctly. This will require disconnecting some wires in your circuit box and tying them down, so that they cannot come in contact with anything else.

It’s important to throw out old knobs, tube cords, and switches once you’ve installed the new cables and removed the old wires. The other parts of your home – including outlets – should also be replaced.

You should also remove the ungrounded light fixtures and the light fixtures tubing.

Partial Replacing

Re-wiring your current home may be a cost that is financially out of reach for some homeowners. However, you can combat this by partially rewiring your home. The partial wiring will help keep costs down.

Make sure you’re wiring your house correctly by using approved junction boxes. You’ll save money, and it’s necessary to ensure your safety. It’s also the best place to see all of your wires & amp; fittings at one glance. In some interior walls and ceilings, you might see electrical wiring. It’s important to know what the purposes are for these wires and where they go. You don’t need the electrical box for that procedure, but if you have any questions or concerns about it, maybe ask a professional electrician about it.

They will inspect the whole house to find any other wiring that is present and remove it to decrease the risk of a fire. In addition, they will inspect the wiring that is present in order to make new circuits.

Replacing a person’s knobs and tubes with romex is an important part of escaping fire danger. Making this change can also benefit your health, increasing the space around the electrical outlets while cutting out a potential source of hazard.

The Wiring and Insurance

There are some insurance companies that refuse to provide policies for homes that have old wiring, since many fires happen from fires started by the heat of the wires.

For those of you who are new to owning a home, here are some tips for you:

  • Make sure your installation is handled by a licensed & experienced professional. They will ensure your safety and confirm that the process went smoothly.
  • It’s important to keep your home well-stocked, but overstuffing can cause potential problems like fires or electrical hazards.
  • You should inspect the wiring to find out what caused the crack. Repair it immediately to prevent any further damage.
  • Knobs and tubes wiring should not be used in the bathroom, kitchen, outdoors and laundry rooms because it can short circuits or shock people if improperly wired. Wire with ground wire running through it to keep signals clean.
  • REWIRING can avoid dangers like getting shocked or burned and it is easier to use technologies that won’t interfere with the electrical systems in your home.

Why Romex is the Best?

  • Romex cable is safe because of the presence of a ground wire because it creates a low-resistance path that prevents electricity from traveling through the wire and causing electrical shocks.
  • The Romex cable stands up to extreme temperatures such as 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • This product is made out of copper metal composition, which means it is long lasting.
  • Romex wires are better than tubes and knobs

There are so many knowledgeable electricians available that they will be able to completely replace the old wiring system and install the new one.

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