How To Reheat Tamales – It’s Easier Than You Think

Have you ever ever questioned find out how to reheat tamales after you cooked an excessive amount of for dinner the evening earlier than? I questioned about this as a result of it actually bothers me to throw away meals simply because I didn’t know find out how to correctly reheat the leftovers.

Since I get pleasure from making ready and consuming tamales, I typically prepare dinner them in a big batch. Doing this protects me money and time. Since I often find yourself with leftover tamales, I made a decision to look into one of the best strategies for reheating them.

After doing all of this analysis about cooking tamales, making ready them for storage, storing them and reheating them, I made a decision that I shouldn’t preserve all of this data to myself.

I now know find out how to reheat tamales in order that they style nearly as good the following day as they did proper after I cooked them. I believe you’ll get pleasure from this data as effectively and be capable of put it to good use in your personal kitchen.

Possibility #1 and Possibility #3

Possibility #1 and #3 are really easy to observe! And I am certain that the gadgets wanted for these choices are additionally already in your kitchen.

The strategies listed below are easy however to determine what they’re, I’ve put loads of time and efforts. So, with the intention to uncover these strategies, please fill within the type bellow. It will not solely allow you to reheat your tamales, nonetheless preserve 99% of the tastes, but in addition present that you just admire my work. Much more, it provides me motivation to convey you extra helpful cooking suggestions and tips. 😉

1 – Reheating Tamales on the Stovetop

Objects Wanted

Steamer rack

This can be a cooking system that matches on high of a pot. The steamer rack has a ledge or handles that permit it to take a seat on the highest of the pot so that you could nonetheless put the lid on high.

Some steamer racks include their very own fitted lids simply in case the lid that got here together with your pot won’t match onto the pot when the rack is put into place.

Steamer rack comes together with steamer, due to this fact, in case you are additionally in search of this gadget, I like to recommend you to purchase a very good steamer akin to this one.

Meat thermometer

A meat thermometer is an essential part of every kitchen. This device can be inserted into the center of meat-based foods so that you can check their internal temperatures.

It is important to cook meats to the recommended temperature so that you can prevent a food-borne illness. Meats, such as pork, that are used in tamales may be contaminated by parasites, viruses or bacteria, but these can be inactivated during the cooking process.

Step by Step

Step 1 – Thaw the Tamales


If your leftover tamales are frozen, you will need to thaw them before placing them into the steamer.

You may thaw the tamales in the refrigerator. This process may take up to 24 hours. As an alternative, you may thaw the tamales in the microwave using the defrost function.

  1. Set the microwave to defrost and set the timer to 60 seconds.
  2. Place a damp paper towel over the tamale.
  3. Turn the tamale over and defrost it for another 60 seconds.
  4. There should be no frozen spots left in the middle of the tamale.

Step 2 – Unwrap the Tamales

  1. Wash your arms earlier than touching the tamales.
  2. Take the tamales out of the fridge and take away them from the plastic wrap or aluminum foil.
  3. Discard the wrap or recycle the foil.

Don’t reheat the tamales within the wrap as a result of plastic can soften. Additionally, aluminum foil can catch hearth in a microwave.

Step 3 – Warmth the Water


By way of

  1. Measure 4 cups of sizzling faucet water and pour it into your 4-quart pot.
  2. Flip the warmth on the stovetop to medium excessive and place the lid onto the pot.
  3. Insert the steamer rack onto the highest of the pot.
  4. Watch for the water within the pot to return to a boil.

Step 4 – Organize the Tamales

Arrange the Tamales

By way of


Organize the tamales onto the steamer rack, akin to this one. Permit for about 1 inch of area between every of the tamales. If the tamales get too shut to at least one one other, they won’t reheat evenly.

Place the tamales with their open finally ends up. If it’s good to reheat extra tamales that may match onto your steamer, you’ll need to reheat them in separate batches. Substitute the quilt on the pot with the steamer rack nonetheless inside.

Step 5 – Heating the Tamales


By way of


As soon as the tamales are again within the pot, scale back the warmth to medium. Permit the tamales to simmer. Keep away from selecting up the lid from the pot as this can trigger a lack of the moist warmth and delay the ending time. The tamales will want about quarter-hour to be reheated.

Step 6 – Checking the Temperature


By way of


Put in your oven mitts and elevate up the pot’s lid. Examine the inner temperature of the tamales with the meat thermometer.

Tamales want to achieve an inside temperature of not less than 165 levels F of their thickest parts. If the tamales should not but at 165 levels, exchange the lid of the steamer and permit them to proceed reheating for an additional 3 to five minutes. Examine the temperature once more.

Step 7 – Take away from Warmth


By way of

Flip off the stovetop and take away the lid of the pot. Use a pair of tongs or a slotted spoon to take away the tamales from the steamer rack. Place the tamales onto a warmed and clear plate. As soon as the tamales cease releasing steam, they are going to be able to eat with out burning your tongue.

2 – Reheating Tamales within the Microwave

Alternatively, chances are you’ll reheat tamales within the microwave. This could solely be completed with tamales which have already been thawed.

I don’t suggest reheating tamales within the microwave as a result of chances are you’ll find yourself with sizzling spots in the midst of them.

The microwave additionally tends to dry out the fragile masa. Once you reheat the tamales on the stovetop utilizing the steamer methodology, they may style practically the identical as they did if you cooked them the primary time.

I solely suggest utilizing the microwave to reheat tamales when you’ve got no stovetop accessible, akin to in your break room at work.

Objects  Wanted

In case you do the microwave reheating methodology, you’ll need a number of gadgets apart from these listed above:

Microwave-safe plate

A microwave-safe plate won’t start to soften when it’s heated within the microwave. You’ll be able to verify whether or not or not a selected plate is protected to make use of within the microwave by turning the plate over and searching on the writing on the again.

Usually, plates product of glass are protected to make use of within the microwave. You will wish to keep away from utilizing foil, paper or foam plates to reheat any meals within the microwave.

Damp paper towel


By way of


You should utilize any kind of paper towel that you just choose. A full-size paper towel will cowl a plate stuffed with tamales. If you’re solely heating one tamale, you could possibly use only a half sheet of a paper towel.

To get the paper towel damp, use faucet water from the chilly water faucet. It doesn’t take a lot water to get the paper towel damp sufficient for reheating meals.

Step by Step

Step 1 – Organize the Tamales


Organize the tamales on the microwave-safe dish. Ensure that the tamales should not touching one another and that there’s not less than 1 inch of area between every tamale.

It’s best to warmth not more than two tamales within the microwave without delay. That is to make sure that the tamales reheat completely and evenly.

Step 2 – Put together the Tamales


By way of


Microwaves are inclined to dry out meals when it’s reheated. With a view to keep away from this, dampen a paper towel with about 3 tablespoons of faucet water.

Place the damp paper towel on high of the tamales. Because the microwave heats, the water within the paper towel shall be turned into steam. The steam will moisten the towel and protect the flavour and texture of the tamales.

Step 3 – Set the Time and Temperature


Place the plate of tamales into the middle of the microwave. If the microwave has a turntable, place the plate onto it. Set the microwave to full energy, and set the timer to fifteen seconds.

Just be sure you can see into the microwave so that you could monitor the tamales as they warmth.

Step 4 – Warmth the Tamales


By way of


Press the beginning button on the microwave. After the time runs out, open the microwave and take away the paper towel.

Flip the tamales over. Dampen one other paper towel, and place the newly dampened towel on high of the tamales. Set the microwave for an additional 15 seconds at full energy. Press the facility button.

Step 5 – Examine the Inner Temperature of the Tamales


By way of


Open the microwave door. Placed on the oven mitts as by this time the plate may very well be sizzling to the contact. Take away the damp paper towel from the highest of the tamales. Use the meat thermometer to verify the inner temperature of the tamales.

If the tamales have reached 165 levels F at their thickest level, they’re able to eat. If they aren’t but sizzling sufficient, dampen one other paper towel and return the tamales to the microwave for an additional 15 seconds. Examine their inside temperature once more.

Step 6 – Take a look at the Reheated Tamales


By way of


Run your fingers alongside the reheated tamales. Microwaves typically ship uneven heating, which causes some areas of meals to grow to be fairly sizzling whereas different areas are nonetheless chilly.

In case your tamales have chilly spots, think about rotating their positions on the plate after which reheating them once more. You could possibly additionally reduce the tamales into halves to extend the floor space for extra even heating.

Possibility #3

As I mentioned on the first place, it is possible for you to to entry choice #1 and #3 in case you fill within the type. 🙂

3 – Reheating Tamales within the Oven

You can even reheat leftover tamales in your oven. This methodology works effectively in case you are not in a rush and also you’re cooking some sides like cornbread to get pleasure from alongside together with your tamales. Beside a good oven, gadgets to select up embrace:

Objects Wanted

Aluminum foil

Use your favourite model of aluminum foil. This needs to be plain foil and never any merchandise that comprise plastic.

  • Tear off a bit of foil that’s sufficiently big to wrap round a tamale about two occasions.
  • The wrapped tamales ought to seem like foil-covered logs with their edges firmly sealed collectively to forestall leaks.
  • Don’t put any plastic wrap on the tamales. Plastic will soften within the oven and damage the tamales.

Oven-safe platter

An oven-safe platter might be product of stoneware, cast iron, glass or metallic. If you’re utilizing forged iron or stoneware, guarantee that the platter is correctly seasoned in order that the tamales don’t keep on with it.

There ought to solely be one layer of tamales within the platter. If it’s good to reheat a big batch of leftover tamales, use a number of platters in order that there could be a single layer in every platter.

Step by Step

Step 1 – Wrap and Organize the Tamales

Wrap and Arrange the Tamales

By way of

  1. Tear off a bit of aluminum foil that’s sufficiently big to wrap round every tamale two or 3 times.
  2. Wrap up every tamale individually.
  3. Squeeze the entire air out of the foil packet and organize the wrapped tamales in an oven-safe platter.
  4. Ensure that the tamales should not touching one another.

Step 2 – Warmth the Tamales


By way of

Preheat the oven to 325 levels F, after which permit the tamales to prepare dinner for about 20 minutes in complete.

Take out the platter and switch over the tamales. That is necessary as it would assist the tamales to obtain even warmth all through their fillings.

Step 3 – Examine the Tamales


By way of


Put on your oven mitts and take away the platter from the oven. Unwrap one of many tamales and insert the meat thermometer into the middle of it.

If the temperature just isn’t not less than 165 levels, wrap up the tamales once more and return the platter again to the oven for an additional 5 minutes.


Professional Suggestions From Meals Blogs

1 – Depart the corn husks on the tamales

Based on La Mesa Tortillas, it is best to depart the corn husks on the tamales when reheating them with each heating strategies. Not solely does leaving the corn husks on the tamale preserve the meals collectively, nevertheless it additionally helps stop the tamale filling from splattering because it reheats.

The corn husks additionally impart taste to the filling through the moist heating course of. After you’ve got eaten the reheated tamale, throw the corn husks away within the common trash. They shouldn’t be composted as a result of the tamale filling consists of meat, which is able to rot or putrefy inside a compost bin.

2 – Steam Tamales From A Frozen State

The Texas Lone Star Tamales explains that you would be able to attempt to steam your tamales from a frozen state. Doing this can take 5 to 10 minutes longer than in case you steam them from a thawed state.

When the tamales are steamed of their thawed state, they might prepare dinner inconsistently. The ends of the tamales will thaw first and begin cooking sooner than the thicker middle of the tamales.

Due to this, the ends could get extra dried out by the point the inner temperature of the middle of the tamale lastly reaches the advisable 165 levels F.

3 – Fry It For Crispy Texture

On the Living Ma Vida Loca Latina lifestyle blog, Pattie Cordova explains that in case you like a crispy texture to your reheated tamale, think about frying it.

That is very like cooking the tamale another time. In case you select to do that, chances are you’ll discover that the outer layer of the tamale turns into oversaturated with cooking oil. To fight this, you’ll need to take in the surplus vegetable oil with a number of paper towels.

Wrap the tamale all the way in which round with two layers of paper towels and use agency stress to pat the floor of the tamale.

Last Thought


Did you get pleasure from studying concerning the strategies of reheating your leftover tamales? This checklist of directions was necessary for me to develop as a result of I actually get pleasure from serving to folks decrease meals waste and benefit from their time.

meal needs to be loved, and that is true for leftovers as effectively. Will probably be necessary so that you can have a protected meal of tasty reheated leftovers so that you could really feel full and happy throughout your time at house, work or faculty.

If you’re contemplating shopping for a steamer, you’ll be able to take my advices from 5 Best Steamers On The Market to select the precise one for you.

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