How to Cook Frozen Lumpia? Methods, Tips and Recipe

Lumpia is a well-liked Chinese language dish that appears fairly just like spring rolls. Though it’s a Chinese language dish, lumpia is sort of frequent within the Philippines and Indonesia. Lumpia is wraps made with vegetable or meat filling. The filling is wrapped in an egg-based or lettuce wrapper. There are a number of strategies to cook dinner frozen lumpia. We’ll talk about all of them right here on this information. So preserve studying to learn how to cook dinner frozen lumpia your means.

The style and components could differ from area to area, and it may be served both recent or deep-fried. This lip-smacking dish is most individuals’s favourite, however it may be fairly a job to organize recent lumpia each time you crave some. 

So what do you do now? Make the most effective use of your freezer to retailer as many as you want. Cooking frozen Lumpia may be very straightforward and takes just some minutes. Right here we go…

Lumpia: A Backstory 

This Chinese language appetizer has unfold to completely different elements of the globe and is understood by different names. The skinny crepes or paper-like wraps are full of candy or savory fillings and tastes finest when deep-fried. 

Some choose consuming it recent as nicely. The snack has a number of variations, every with a unique title. For instance- Filipinos name it lumpiang hubad. It means a unadorned spring roll with solely recent components. 

An Indonesian variant of the lumpia known as lumpia basah. This kind has carrots, bean sprouts, and rooster or shrimp as its foremost filling. 

The paper-like wrap is made utilizing a mixture of completely different flours, eggs, and oil. The filling components are chopped or shredded to deliver out the most effective style. 

How you can Cook dinner Frozen Lumpia: Three Simple Methods 

how to cook frozen lumpia

You have got loved consuming lumpia in a restaurant, and now you need to have it at house. However making ready the dough and the filling looks like lots. Don’t fear. You can find frozen lumpia in grocery shops, and all you must do is take it out from the packet and cook dinner it. 

For many who love cooking and need to put together the filling and wrap at house, there’s a treatment for them as nicely. You possibly can put together the filling in bulk, preserve the raw lumpia prepared, and retailer them within the freezer. Then, simply take a number of out and cook dinner everytime you really feel like having some!

Listed here are some fast and handy strategies to cook dinner frozen lumpia

Methodology 1: Frying Frozen Lumpia 

If you wish to get pleasure from lumpia identical to it’s freshly made, frying the frozen ones could also be the most suitable choice. Frying the appetizer makes the outer shell crispy whereas protecting the filling juicy and scrumptious. Listed here are the steps to comply with:

  • Take a pan and pour oil in it sufficient to make the frozen lumpia submerge in them. 
  • Depart the oil to warmth till it reaches 375° F. 
  • Now dip the lumpia one after the other into the new oil. Don’t put too many at a time. Two to 3 lumpia in a single batch will work effective. 
  • Cook dinner the lumpia for two to three minutes till they get golden brown. 
  • Take away from oil and place them in a paper towel to soak up extra oil. 
  • It’s able to eat. 

Methodology 2: Baking Frozen Lumpia

This technique will probably be wonderful for health freaks on the market. If you wish to get pleasure from lumpia however need a barely more healthy model of it, you possibly can select baking. Let’s see the process:

  • Preheat the oven at 425° F
  • Take a baking sheet and an aluminum foil or baking paper
  • Place the frozen lumpia on the sheet. Attempt to preserve a spot between every of them. 
  • Place the tray contained in the oven and cook dinner for quarter-hour. 
  • Take out and verify if they’re crispy on the surface or not. If not, cook dinner them for 3 to 5 minutes extra. 

Tip: Don’t thaw the frozen lumpia earlier than microwaving. Doing so will make them chewy and soggy. Cooking it straight out of the freezer will preserve them crispy and moist on the within. 

Methodology 3: Cooking Frozen Lumpia within the Air Fryer

One other fast and simple strategy to cook dinner frozen lumpia is within the air fryer. The air fryer is once more a wholesome choice to cook dinner the lumpia. It requires no oil or greasing. Let’s take a look on the steps:

  • Preheat the air fryer at 375° F. 
  • As soon as it’s preheated, place the frozen lumpia into the air fryer. Once more, don’t overcrowd the basket, and preserve some house in between. 
  • Now cook dinner the lumpia for about 9 minutes. 
  • After 9 minutes, take out the basket and flip all of the lumpia. 
  • Put the basket again into the air fryer and cook dinner once more for 9 minutes. 
  • They need to be good and crispy. If not, cook dinner them for one more 3 minutes.   

Irrespective of which technique you utilize, don’t refreeze the lumpia you thawed. When you’ve got taken the frozen gadgets from the freezer and defrosted them or cooked them, it’s finest to devour them. Refreezing them will result in bacterial development, which isn’t wholesome. 

Some individuals additionally make the error of thawing frozen lumpia earlier than cooking them. Nonetheless, that isn’t in any respect required. To retain the precise texture and style, it’s finest to cook dinner them frozen. Thawing lumpia will make them chewy and soggy, which we don’t need. 

How you can Freeze Raw Lumpia? 

We are going to let you know how in case you have been on the lookout for appropriate methods to freeze raw lumpia. These are a number of easy steps to freeze raw lumpia:

  • First, take parchment paper on a freeze-proof tray. 
  • Now place the lumpia one after the other. You possibly can coat them utilizing some elective cornflour. Individuals do it to stop the lumpia from sticking collectively. Should you preserve a slight hole whereas putting them, there isn’t any want to make use of the cornflour. 
  • Subsequent, you must wrap the lumpia utilizing cling movie. Make certain to roll them good and tight so no air passes by means of the wrapping. Air will take up the moisture making the lumpia dry. 
  • Now the lumpia is able to go contained in the freezer. 
  • You possibly can freeze lumpia for as much as three weeks utilizing this technique. After that, they are going to stay good and moist for those who comply with the process accurately. 

How you can freeze cooked lumpia? 

You possibly can freeze cooked lumpia as nicely. Let’s learn how:

  • First, let the lumpia settle down for a while.
  • As soon as they settle down, wrap them tightly with a cling movie. 
  • Now place the lumpia right into a Ziploc bag or an hermetic container. 
  • Now preserve within the freezer for later consumption. 

Lumpia Recipe 

My mouth has began watering after speaking a lot about lumpia. So I’m going straight to the kitchen and making myself a few these scrumptious snacks as I at all times preserve some in my freezer. However earlier than that, I assumed, why not share my favourite lumpia recipe with you. So let’s start…


  • 2 cups carrots 
  • 8 oz mushrooms 
  • 1 inexperienced cabbage 
  • 2 cans water chestnuts 
  • 1 teaspoon diced garlic 
  • 4 to five cooked rooster breast items chopped or shredded. 
  • Cooking oil 
  • Frozen lumpia wrappers (take them out from the freezer and preserve within the fridge an evening earlier than cooking)

Cooking Process

how to cook frozen lumpia

Lumpia filling 

  1. Chop all of the greens, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, and water chestnuts into tiny items. The finer the chopping, the higher. When you’ve got a meals processor, use it to chop the greens. 
  2. Now minced the cooked rooster breast items. You possibly can pass over the rooster for vegetarian lumpia. 
  3. Take a pan or skillet, pour oil, and warmth it. 
  4. Now put the chopped garlic and add salt.
  5. Add all of the greens and stir for a while. 
  6. Proceed cooking on medium warmth until all of the greens are cooked properly. 
  7. Add the rooster and provides it a closing stir. 
  8. Take away from the combination warmth and let the filling settle down. 

Roll the Lumpia

  1. Take out the lumpia wrappers from the fridge. 
  2. Take water in a small bowl to seal them.
  3. Lumpia wrappers are very delicate, so it is advisable to watch out whereas rolling them. Additionally, keep away from placing in an excessive amount of filling, which might additionally break the wrappers. 
  4. Now take one to 1 ½ teaspoon of the cooked filling and place it on one fringe of the rolling paper. 
  5. Roll it till you cowl the entire wrapper. 
  6. Now fold each the sides. 
  7. Dip your fingers within the water and run them into the sides. It would be certain that the sides are sealed properly. 
  8. If you wish to preserve them within the freezer, you possibly can put them straightway right into a Ziploc bag. 
  9. You possibly can freeze these raw rolls for as much as six months. 

Fry the Lumpia 

  1. Take a pan and warmth oil. 
  2. Put the lumpia rolls into the oil and deep fry them. 
  3. It would take 4 to five minutes to show golden brown. 
  4. As soon as achieved, take the lumpia out on a paper towel to soak up extra oil. 
  5. Serve sizzling with lumpia sauce. 

Lumpia Sauce Recipe 


  • Half cup white, apple cider, or rice vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic 


  • Combine the vinegar and garlic in a bowl and serve alongside the lumpia. 

Tip: If you need beautiful crispy lumpia, you should cook dinner them in oils with a pure style and a excessive smoking level. Frying it with low smoking level oil will make the lumpia style of burnt oil. A few of the excessive smoking level oils are- Safflower oil, Cottonseed oil, Soybean oil. 

Wrapping Up 

Lumpia is a well-liked snack or a starter that individuals love munching on. You possibly can preserve it within the freezer for as much as six months by making use of the correct strategies. 

Cooking frozen lumpia can be comparatively straightforward, as you’ve already seen within the information. Tell us within the feedback for those who discovered the following tips useful!

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