How Long Does It Take for Strawberries to Go Bad? Info and Tips

Candy and tangy, strawberries are unique fruits that add taste and coloration to salads and desserts. These will not be solely scrumptious but in addition power-packed with a smorgasbord of nutritional vitamins and minerals.

Strawberries have a shorter lifespan in comparison with different fruits. Sometimes, they final for a day or two on the counter and as much as 5 days in a vegetable crisper. However their lifespan largely will depend on when they’re picked and the way they’re saved.

On this article, we will collect details about the proper storage suggestions for strawberries. We’ll find out about how lengthy it takes for strawberries to go unhealthy.

How lengthy do strawberries final exterior?

How Long Does It Take for Strawberries to Go Bad

Strawberries are a cold-climate manufacturing. They thrive greatest in cooler temperatures. When saved on the counter at room temperature, they don’t final a very long time. Life might be enhanced when they’re saved correctly.

Strawberries needs to be instantly refrigerated if you wish to retailer them correctly. You possibly can retailer them for a while exterior, however longer intervals of outside publicity can destroy them. 

If you need to retailer them exterior then listed below are some suggestions for correct storage:

Don’t retailer your strawberries instantly below the solar as they’ll spoil and wilt quicker. It’s best to retailer them in a shady spot. Warmth causes strawberries to wilt quicker. Maintain them in a cool and dry place.

Enable the strawberries to breathe when storing them exterior. Don’t place them in a closed container. Be sure that the container has a lid with holes to maintain the moisture out and permit contemporary air inside

  • Don’t retailer them exterior when it’s raining

Mould grows quicker on strawberries when it’s humid. Be sure that you retain them in a dry spot to protect their freshness.

How lengthy do strawberries final within the fridge?

Refrigerating is a confirmed method to protect them for longer. The cool and dry local weather contained in the fridge maintains the freshness for longer. 

If you need to retailer them within the fridge, then listed below are some suggestions for higher storage:

  • Retailer them in a container that has holes within the lid or permits air passage

Don’t retailer strawberries in a closed or air-tight container. Maintain them in a container that permits air circulation. You possibly can maintain them within the fridge of their unique packaging that comes with holes. 

  • Calculate the date of packaging earlier than you retailer them within the fridge

Typically, you’ll not discover an expiration date on the strawberries. They often include the date they have been plucked on. You possibly can observe the date of refrigeration on the container and keep in mind to eat them inside every week of refrigeration.

  • Search for mildew or spoilage indicators earlier than storing

Don’t retailer those which have mildew or indicators of spoilage on their floor. Discoloration denotes that they don’t seem to be match for consumption.

How lengthy do they final within the freezer?

Strawberries might be frozen as properly to increase their lifespan. These can final for months when frozen correctly.

If you wish to retailer them for lengthy within the freezer, listed below are tricks to do it correctly:

  • Retailer them in a zipper lock freezer bag

Freezer burns can injury strawberries. To keep away from it, place them in a zipper lock freezer bag. These baggage stop air from moving into your berries. Air causes deeper freezer burns.

  • Use wax paper together with a freezer bag

Typically, eradicating the strawberries from a freezer bag can get fairly robust. It is best to line a freezer bag with wax paper to permit straightforward removing of the fruit from the bag. 

  • Write the date when freezing 

Strawberries can final for a most of six months when saved in a freezer bag. Write down the date to keep away from storing them for longer.

  • Use an air-tight container along with the zip lock baggage

After putting the berries in a ziplock/freezer bag, it’s essential to place the bag in an hermetic freezer container. Such a container will be sure that moisture and air keep out.

How one can inform in case your strawberries have gone unhealthy?

How Long Does It Take for Strawberries to Go Bad

A easy visible test is all it takes to know if the fruit is secure for consumption or not. Here’s what it’s essential test for to know if the strawberries have gone unhealthy or not:

Style the fruit by taking a small chew. If it tastes candy then they’re tremendous. A tart or bitter style signifies that the strawberries have gone unhealthy.

The strawberries ought to look agency and brilliant crimson. They need to be free from blemishes as properly. A burgundy or brown coloured strawberry shouldn’t be secure for consumption.

When you discover whitish spots in your strawberries, then you need to discard them instantly. These spots are nothing however mildew and it isn’t secure for consumption. Don’t clear the mildew and eat the berries as moldy fruit is dangerous.

If the strawberries are giving off a foul or rancid odor, then they’ve positively gone unhealthy. Don’t eat if they’re smelling unhealthy.

Recent strawberries are semi-firm and brightly coloured. Unripe ones are agency and unsweet. If seem tender or soggy, then they’ve positively gone unhealthy. Mushy is probably not dangerous, however they don’t style good.

Examine if the berries will not be infested with any white-colored aphids or some other fruit pests. Don’t eat those which were contaminated by any type of pests. 


These are some info to bear in mind for correct storage of strawberries each inside and outside the fridge. Now that you know the way lengthy it takes for strawberries to go unhealthy, you’ll be wiser whereas shopping for and consuming them. 

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