How Long Do Artichokes Last In The Fridge? Facts and Storage Tips

Artichokes are nutritious greens which might be obtainable recent in addition to canned. Each have completely different shelf lives, and in case you plan on stocking these at dwelling, you should be involved about, ‘How lengthy do artichokes final within the fridge?’

Cooked, canned, and recent artichokes final for various intervals within the fridge.

Canned or bottled artichokes have a shelf life of two to five years. As soon as opened, these must be refrigerated, and so they can last as long as a month within the fridge. Cooked artichokes can last as long as a month within the fridge. Recent artichokes, when saved correctly, can last as long as 7 days within the fridge. 

Learn on additional to know extra about storage ideas.

How Lengthy do Artichokes Final within the Fridge?

How long do artichokes last in the fridge

Artichokes are thistles and never strictly greens. They’re consumed like different root greens corresponding to turnips and carrots. They’ve a powerful taste and are power-packed with vitamin B6, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and different nutritional vitamins and minerals. 

If you wish to make artichokes an everyday addition to your meals, you must know the way to retailer them correctly within the fridge. Completely different storage circumstances apply for recent, canned, and cooked artichokes.

Recent Artichokes

  • These must be saved in a cool, dry, and darkish place underneath 50 levels Fahrenheit when stored exterior. 
  • Recent artichokes can last as long as 2 months within the freezer. However this may be fairly difficult as they’ve a brief shelf life. 
  • Recent artichokes can last as long as 7 days within the fridge when saved correctly.
  • The lifespan of a recent artichoke saved within the fridge depends upon the ‘greatest earlier than date. Due to this fact, recent artichokes could have a ‘promote by’ date on the package deal. 

Cooked or Canned Artichokes

  • Cooked artichokes can last as long as 6 months within the freezer.
  • Dehydrated or canned artichokes can last as long as 2 years in your pantry. 
  • You can even blanch and refrigerate your artichokes earlier than consumption. This can improve the shelf life slightly extra.
  • Cooked artichokes can last as long as a month within the fridge.

Are you able to Freeze Recent Artichokes?

Recent artichokes will be frozen, however they won’t style the identical when you defrost them. As a substitute, they may style considerably like canned artichokes. It is because freezing modifications the feel of this vegetable’s pulp. 

However, in case you nonetheless should freeze artichokes, the perfect method is defined beneath:

  • First, you could wash the artichokes.
  • Take away brown spots, if any, and trim the stem.
  • Subsequent, minimize the tip of every leaf. 
  • Subsequent, dip the vegetable in boiling water for 60 seconds. 
  • Then place on a paper towel and dry totally with one other paper towel. 
  • Cool it, after which freeze it in a freezer-safe bag.
  • If you wish to freeze the whole artichoke hearts, place the vegetable the other way up in a freezer bag or a freezer-safe container and seal them tight earlier than freezing them.

Storage Ideas for Recent and Cooked Artichokes within the Fridge

How long do artichokes last in the fridge

Each recent and cooked artichokes must be saved in numerous methods to boost their lifespan.

Recent Artichokes

  • These must be saved in a plastic bag within the fridge. You may hold it as it’s in its unique packaging or wash and dry it earlier than inserting it in a plastic bag and into the fridge. Plastic baggage assist retain the moisture of the vegetable, thereby enhancing its life.
  • It’s not good to chop half the artichoke to be used and retailer the opposite half within the fridge. As soon as minimize, they start to wilt quicker. Due to this fact, these must be consumed as quickly as doable as soon as minimize. 
  • You can even retailer recent artichokes by immersing them in recent water in a bowl and the fridge. The leaves of the artichokes should be stored intact whereas doing so to forestall molding. This methodology can improve the lifetime of the vegetable by a day.
  • Recent artichokes will be diced into small items and saved in an air-tight container within the fridge.

Canned/Cooked Artichokes

  • Canned artichokes, as soon as opened, last as long as 5 weeks within the fridge. Though they style greatest till two days after being opened, they’ll nonetheless be consumed. These must be positioned within the fridge with the lid tightly shut.
  • Cooked artichokes must be consumed inside two days of being refrigerated, because the style peaks throughout these two days. However, they’ll last as long as a month earlier than getting spoiled. So, these too must be stored in an air-tight container.
  • Cooked artichokes must be stored moist when storing them within the fridge. It’s best to put a plastic bag or cowl over the container earlier than securing the lid for optimum freshness.


  • How have you learnt if the artichoke has gone improper?

The stem and the leaves shouldn’t be wilted. The stem must be agency and never dry. Once you shake the vegetable, all of the leaves ought to shut collectively. The scent shouldn’t be mushy or rubbery. There must be no moldy spots on the artichoke. Search for all these indicators to find out whether or not it has gone improper.

  • Do you have to refrigerate artichokes?

Whereas it’s preferrred to have a freshly plucked vegetable or fruit, everyone knows that it isn’t doable. However, you may retailer the artichoke correctly to boost its shelf life if you could eat it after just a few days.

  • What a part of the artichoke is toxic?

The middle of an artichoke incorporates inedible fibers. The fuzzy half on the base of the leaves and the decrease portion of the leaves are edible. No a part of this plant will be consumed with out cooking.


Artichokes can final from per week to a month within the fridge, relying upon whether or not it’s recent, cooked, or canned. A recent artichoke can keep at its very best quality for per week within the fridge, whereas cooked or canned artichoke can keep as much as a month. 

These must be appropriately saved within the fridge to boost the freshness and taste.

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